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Weekend roundup

My weekend started when I left work early Friday afternoon to go to the dentist. >v< I now have a gold crown! And no, I'm not the Burger King. ;> Afterwards I swung by JB Hi Fi (of course!) and picked up Merlin (Sam Neill FTW!) and The IT Crowd.

Friday night I saw my first ever basketball game. Brisbane Bullets FTW!! They're playing the grand final series against the Melbourne Tigers. I really enjoyed the game (and the free beer!) despite never having watched the sport before.

I bummed around a bit Saturday. Got some chores done. *thinks* Oh yeah! Helped my brother select parts for a new computer, then bought a copy of XP Home on the way to the car wash. I also made a ThinkGeek order! (I swear I didn't start drinking until after I'd made my selection.)

I then spent midnight to 3:30am talking (this is not a euphemism) to someone on FurryMuck that I've pretty much only spoken to once before. *laughs* It's rare that I stay up so late these days talking to someone. It sucks that she's American (and has appropriate sleep/work schedule to match) because it means I won't have much opportunity to talk to her.

I got up around 9am this morning and then crawled back to bed because I hadn't had enough sleep. I got woken up around about 11:30am by Dad whipper-snippering the yard. >v< I HATE that noise!

Spent most of the day playing Diablo 2 with Dilph then raced down to Computer Alliance to build HolyShit!!™ 2 (AKA "Eclipse") for my brother. The Antec P150 case is fantastic, by the way.

Had tacos for dinner and spent the remainder of the evening playing International Cricket Captain 2006 (and losing!). I've also realised I've successfully managed NOT to take a shower all weekend. Ewww.
Tags: basketball, computer, dentist, holyshit, it crowd, thinkgeek
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