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Well that was an amusing bit of silliness. I think it helped that I was forced to mark everyone's results because it made it much more interactive. LiveJournal is typically a very passive medium. But enough of my babbling!

1. What is my favourite animal?
Blue-ringed octopus
Red-collared lorikeet
Wedge-tailed eagle
White-bellied sea eagle

Perhaps I could've made question 1 slightly harder but really it was to ensure no one scored zero. ;> Well done everyone! :P

2. What do I do for a living?
Computer programmer
Environmental engineer
Wildlife photographer

Another giveaway question. The only reason it didn't get 100% in the poll was because someone accidentally selected the wrong answer! Maybe I should've asked what kind of programming I do. That'll be in the next quiz, I'm sure!

3. I have two pets. They are:
A burmese cat and a moggie
A corella and a magpie
A lorikeet and an indian ringneck
Two budgies

74.2% got question 3 correct. Another one I perhaps made too easy. ;> warphammer's suggestion was that the first option should have been "burmese cat and [random parrot]".

4. Where am I currently living?
Casa Dilphenstein
On my own
Sanctuary with Rose and Stephen

I complain about this just about every week. ;> 87.1% got this correct.

5. Who do I currently have a crush on?
None of the above

I am blissfully crush-free! I hope it stays this way but I know it won't last. :P 54.8% got this one right. Bit of a tough one, I suppose.

6. What is my favourite sport?
Rugby league

I've only ever played basketball and league at high school on the rare occasions we were forced to. I used to play soccer when I was about 11 or 12 but I hate watching the game - it's so boring. Cricket FTW! 61.3%.

7. Operating System of choice (at home)
Windows XP

I use FreeBSD at work, I used to have Red Hat Linux, then Debian on my desktop PC before I got annoyed with it and installed Win2k (and then upgraded to XP). I'm thinking about buying a Mac when this PC gets too slow for me, but until then I'm sticking with XP. I need my Diablo 2 and International Cricket Captain 2006. :p 48.4% got this one right.

8. What is my favourite band?
Presidents of the USA
Snow Patrol
Sugar Ray

70% got this correct. You'd think this'd be a bit higher considering I posted some Powderfinger mp3's here two weeks ago. I like Presidents and listen to them rarely. I like Snow Patrol but my infatuation didn't last long (about a week). I absolutely DESPISE Sugar Ray. Death death death!! (It's just as well the only response to that one was a fake.)

9. In my DVD library you are most likely to find which of the following movies?
Ghost In The Shell
Ginger Snaps
Meet The Parents

This was my "tough" question and required a bit of lateral thinking (or simply a good guess!). Random Disney film, random anime film, random werewolf film or random stupid comedy? I dislike Disney (I only have two or three in my collection). I only own one anime film (Howl's Moving Castle). In fact I can only think of three anime series I've enjoyed watching: King of Bandit Jing (which I own), .hack//SIGN and Chobits. I've enjoyed other Miyazaki films but that's about the extent of my interest in the genre. I'm surprised the majority of responses was for GITS (which I fell asleep watching!!). I guess for question 9 it really helps if you know that I collect werewolf/transformation movies (I currently own 13 - about 10% of my library). (The only reason I don't have Ginger Snaps already is because I thought the werewolf looked dreadful.) Only 26.7% got this one.

10. Bonus question: Select everything below that I think is FTW
Bacon FTW!
Diablo 2 FTW!
Gryphonsex FTW!
Espresso machine FTW!
Beer o'clock FTW!
Samurai Jack FTW!
Evermore FTW!
Birdbrains FTW!

This was a bit of a trick question. ;> I think everything on that list is FTW. The first 25 responses or so all selected "gryphonsex" and I was hoping it'd finish the poll at 100%! Sadly it looks like a couple of people didn't read the question and only selected one each out of the whole list. Gryphonsex got 29 responses (*laughs* am I really that much of a pervert?) followed very closely by birdbrains with 28 then beer o'clock with 25. Only 8 respondents seemed to know that I like Samurai Jack (which is a Cartoon Network TV series) and Evermore (a rock band originating from New Zealand).

This was a fun poll! Thank you to everyone who responded. :> I'll have to run another some time!
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