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You'd think that sunscreen would, you know, protect me from getting sunburnt. Obviously not. I'm burnt just as bad as if I'd had none on at all! The sunscreen I used isn't even expired yet! Owwww.

Apart from my lobster skin, I had a pretty good weekend. :> I'm glad I didn't pansy out on doing stuff just because I have a bit of a cold.

Saturday morning I bought a second night cage for my birds. I woke up yesterday morning to Trilly flying down and landing on my chest. I heard something hit the floor and turned to see bits of green all over my floor. Trilly had chewed through half of my pot plant. Dammit! I was only keeping her on a perch in my room at night until the weekend anyway when I had a chance to get to the pet store. I was a day too late. :p

Saturday afternoon and evening I got my first roleplaying fix of the year! Finally! First session of Exalted for the year, too.

Today I drove down to Currumbin (beach and wildlife sanctuary) with Rose, Stephen and Daniel. Swimming was definitely fun! It's been too long since I last went for a swim at the beach. The wildlife park was pretty good again, too. Just visited the nocturnal house, the kangaroos (which is really an excuse for me to go up and see the eagles), and the lorikeet feeding (which has been slightly disappointing the last few trips - not enough birds).

I'm just going to ... sizzle for a while.
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