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Whyrl SMASH lpr!!!

Fuck it - sometimes it's quicker to write something down than attempt to print it out.

Attempting to print: 60+ minutes.
Writing it out: About 1 minute.

How the hell do you get lpr to print a PNG file without it coming out all garbage??? Solution: convert it to a postscript file first, you fool!

...Okay, how do I convert a PNG file to PS?

(After ten minutes of searching.)

Aha! ImageMagick converts from PNG to PS!

(Cue about an hour of attempting to install ImageMagick from the ports tree.)

AUGH!! Dependency hell!!! *SMASH*


(No, ImageMagick STILL isn't installed. Dammit to hell.)

(Admittedly it's not REALLY lpr's fault, probably more to do with the ports tree maintainer.)

Oh - I DID discover that KSnapshot outputs to EPS format. Great!

...Now how the hell do I print in landscape with lpr??? >v<

(Spends ten minutes poke through man pages and Google to no avail.)

THAT'S why I want to smash lpr!!
Tags: freebsd
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