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Redecorating my apartment on FeatherMUCK

Whyrl and Takena's Nest, Ternalroost Nth
Although this apartment is as yet undecorated, it is a comfortable,
yet airy abode for two arboreals bonded by love. The lounge here
opens out to a porch outside, with several perches for residents and
visitors alike. Make yourself at home!
Obvious Exits:
Door Porch
Aubrey Plush


Whyrl's Aerie, Ternalroost Nth
An empty apartment like the heart of its owner. The lounge here opens to the porch outside.
Obvious Exits:
Door Porch
(No contents)

Much better! :D

Edit: To slightly lower the emo of this post, here is my home on FurryMUCK, which I vastly prefer:

Canopy of Whyrl's tree
This is the spacious canopy of a large Australian eucalypt, its outer branches swaying gently in the coastal breeze. The inner branches are thick and sturdy, with the potential to support a dump truck (or perhaps even a Russian space shuttle....) if the need arose.
There was once a nest here but the haphazard collection of debris has been scattered in favour of clear branches for perching. Further up is a more secure platform to provide footing for the equine guests that have a strange habit of turning up here. Also occupying one section of the tree is a secluded roost, perhaps belonging to a corvid considering the number of Shinies.
The perennial cache of dead rabbits is testament to the bachelor life of the tree's primary inhabitant, occupying part of the conspicuous hollow in the trunk.
Obvious Exits:
(U)p (D)own (C)oast

I seem to have a Volkswagen in my tree! (Now how'd that get there??)
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