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Lost and Running ... again

http://www.myspace.com/powderfinger has an audio player with the song or you can watch the video.

Oh I was sick and tired of waiting lost
And you were made at me for so much more
I was bored listening to the same old chords
You would complain that I was never around
And we shouldn't hope, no we shouldn't hope
If love is so easy then why am I stuck?
If life is so smooth why can't I get enough?

Oh I'm still lost and running
I can't get enough
No I'm still lost and running
I can't get enough

Oh every day moves like a hurricane
It's dragging me around no matter what I say
Night time in the city streets I'm out of luck
The cobblestones are dark and wet there's no one I trust
And it comes around
Yeah it comes around

Mr So Easy say where have you gone?
I'm looking for somewhere that I can lay down my arms


I'm taking my time I let it float away
Sparing no lies and you got nothing to say
The further we slip into this rabbit hole
The harder we look for a new place to go


We cannot lay down my arms
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