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Another fan bites the dust

My problem with getting up at 5ish to go to the gym is I can never remember what time I'm supposed to leave to catch the bus. I think I've actually got about half an hour.

The CPU fan in my desktop PC has bit the dust. Well....it's still spinning but it's making an awful lot of noise. Oh and the CPU is running at 90C. :P I could spend $70 on a new heatsink/fan but I think I'd rather just buy myself a new machine. It's an Athlon 1700 so it's getting long in the tooth. Maybe I could dig up the old (noisy) heatsink in the meantime.

Moving offices at work. The new office is open plan so I won't get my own office anymore. And it's a shared kitchen so we might not even have an espresso machine anymore. Suckitude. On the plus side, the new office building is really close to the old one and I might be able to get a discount on my gym membership.
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