Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

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June 16th/17th 2007

If this weekend can be any more awesome I don't know how!

* I got my favourite album personally signed by the band.
* Went to an awesome rock concert.
* Had Wagamama for dinner last night.
* Going to have roast for dinner tonight!
* Having bacon for lunch. XD
* Bought shinies from JB Hi Fi: all of Futurama and Crowded House's new single.
* Got to stare at TVs at JB Hi Fi.
* Watched a DVD and played a board game with friends yesterday.
* Had quality lorikeet time.
* Got a new episode of Doctor Who to watch!
* Have a computer to fix and discovered it's fixable. XD
* Got the place to myself this arvo!
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