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The vacation curse

Huh. Two people on my flist have birthdays tomorrow. There's 17 years' difference between them. ovO

Work is probably going to twist my arm to take vacation time next year, if not later this year. I haven't used any of it up yet apart from the 4 days or so between Christmas and New Year last year. I have no freaking idea what to do with it all. ovo I don't want to just sit around doing nothing - I did far too much of that back in my days at uni. I'd love to travel but I don't have any burning desires to go any particular place in the world. The other problem is I hate travelling alone. Experiences aren't nearly as fulfilling unless you can share them with someone.

I wish I could jump back in time 5 years, back when I used to give a damn about being a furry (feathery), and take my vacation then, in North America. I'd go to AnthroCon and meet friends that don't even seem to exist now.
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