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Crisis mismanagement

1pm - Meeting with project team. Have to organise minutes and agenda, plus project schedule so I actually know where we are. :P Working on that now.
Sometime tomorrow - Meet with thesis supervisor for the first time in a couple of months and tell him where I'm at. Right now I've basically got code to read/write to the serial port and send/receive packets over TCP/IP. Basic functionality, yes, but it's not the NetVend daemon. Not yet, anyway.

11am - Embedded System Design Assignment 2 demo. This is what I should've done today but nothing was working at 10am this morning, I was tired and cranky and decided to f*** it and go home. This assignment is worth 6%, like the last one (I only scored 2/6 for the previous one). I'm seriously considering dropping this course. It'll mean I'll have to take a fourth-level course next semester but it's not like I can graduate at the end of this semester anyway.
3pm - Meeting with Project Management tutor/lecturer. This is where I present the scope statement (which I haven't finished yet) and talk about how things are going with the project. I'm not entirely sure what exactly I'm supposed to be presenting there, but I know I have to bring along documented evidence.

I also have a group assignment for HCI but that's been extended until Thursday next week.

Why the hell did I choose to do Engineering?
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