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Parts list for raptor (Aug '07)

Intel S775 Core 2 Q6600 Quad-Core CPU $369
ASUS S775 P5K Core 2 Motherboard $209
DDR2 2GB Corsair 667MHz PC5300 RAM Value Select Kit $119
ASUS 8600GT 256M PCIe Video Card $189
320GB Western Digital KS 7200rpm 16M SATA HDD $119
Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case (No PS) $149
Zalman 460W Noiseless Power Supply $139
Pioneer DVR-212D 18xDVD DL Burner SATA Black $59

Total: $1352

Hmm...that's almost affordable. And it's $300 cheaper than the system I spec'ed out four months ago, but with a faster processor, twice the RAM and a bigger hard drive. :p Gotta love technology.
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