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Bourne Ultimatum

Wow, I feel sick.

I couldn't remember if I'd seen The Bourne Supremacy until half an hour into tonight's preview screening of Ultimatum. Both movies suffer horribly from "wobbly camera", or as my brother put it, Puke Cam™. It looks like 90% of the film is shot with a handheld camera. Ugh! And about a third of the movie is out of focus too. I don't remember much from the second film because I spent half the movie with my head between my legs.

Anyway, aside from the nausea, the plot of Ultimatum is paper thin and honestly doesn't add much to the series. When the plot grinds to a halt for a half hour chase scene you know you're in trouble. Also, I don't appreciate having my eardrums blasted out by the sound of metal screeching on bitumen and concrete. Thanks.

Overall, I thought this movie was worth what I paid for. ;> Spend as much as I did by watching it when it comes out on TV or download the torrent. :P
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