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The Doctor is in!

Dylan Moran for Doctor!

22:20 < Dilph> Dylan Moran could do a good take on the current Doctor.
22:22 <&Whyrl> "The world's gone to hell, oh woe is fucking me. Give me a glass of shiraz."
22:22 <&Whyrl> </IrishAccent>
22:22 < Dilph> Oh, and hit that button, would you? My head hurts.
22:22 * Whyrl laughs.
22:23 < Dilph> <world saved>
22:23 <&Whyrl> Thank christ for that. *snooze*
22:24 < Dilph> The Doctor as a drunken savant saving the world more-or-less by accident and by making the minimum possible effort...
22:26 < Dilph> Dear god. The Hokey Pokey. Redone as a Kraftwork tribute.
22:27 < Dilph> Ya! Des Hokey-Kokey.
22:30 <&Whyrl> I'd sign up as a scriptwriter for Doctor Moran in an instant.
22:31 <&Whyrl> He'd need a perky assistant to offset him.
22:32 < Dilph> Very. Probably smart and ultra-capable, to. Martha might actually work.
22:33 < Dilph> Someone dumbe enough to not know what to do, but to understand and do it after some short drunken slurrings and hanwaving.
22:34 < Dilph> Help! We're doomed and all going to die! I don't know what to do! "Do that thin with the thingie, and pass the wine.' Oh, of
course!If I use the wine as a flux capacitor and re-route it through the sonic screwdriver's warp nacelles, we can save the day!
22:35 <&Whyrl> *grin*
22:35 <&Whyrl> "Yeah, and once you're done, pass me the damn wine!"
22:36 < Dilph> "yeah, that's right. Exactly what I meant. Perfect. Do the thingie with the flux screwdriver and the wine nacelles so that fucking
siren will stop. And pass my wine."
22:42 <&Whyrl> "Sooo...here we are, the sixth great and bountiful human empire yadda yadda blah blah. Best fucking wine for 10,000 years. Fetch
me some."
22:44 < Dilph> No, not the blue stuff. The red. Idiots.
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