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DVD shelvage, camera stuff

I appear to have run out of space for DVDs. I anticipate a trip to Ikea next weekend.

I've been asked to take photos at a friend's wedding. I've been pondering what steps I need to take to prepare for this. The stock lens that came with my Canon 350D is woefully inadequate, so at a minimum I'm going to have to replace that. I'll probably want to get my camera body cleaned, and whilst I'm at it I might as well have my other lenses cleaned too. That means I'll be without that camera for an indeterminate length of time. I ought to get a compact digital anyway to make this daily photo thing easier. I guess the first step is to find out exactly what sort of photos I'll be taking. Will I need to buy an external flash? More memory? A third battery?
Tags: dvds, shinies
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