Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I had this strong urge on Saturday to jump in my car and head to the beach. Instead, I went over to Jagafeh's where we played a World of Warcraft board game with Broc and Q. I felt much better hanging out there.

Sunday was my "duck off to the beach" day.

- I got to use my e-toll for the first time! I've had it for about six months. I cackled when it beeped.
- Alexandra Headland is far too family friendly. I did however manage to get some solitude wandering over the rocks and cleared my head.
- What the hell are so many people doing at the beach?? It's the middle of winter!
- The Sunshine Motorway sucks for scenery as much as the Bruce Highway.
- Noosa Beach is pretty cool. Why have I never been there before?
- Google knows all. I really had to pee and it told me where the nearest loos were at Noosa. Freaking obvious when I actually found them, but I'd never been there before.
- <3 coffee. Also, WTF scrub turkies.
- Driving alone rocks because there's no one to complain about my attempt at singing. :P
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