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Life of an 80s dork

So I hopped into my car and drove down the road to the local petrol station to fill up, since I needed petrol and I had nothing else to do tonight. While I was there, I decided to pop into JB Hi Fi just to browse around. To be honest, the last couple of times I've gone in there I haven't actually bought anything.

I picked up Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 (I can hear the groans of my former housemates from here) because for $18.98 why wouldn't you? Well, obviously you wouldn't if you didn't love cricket.

I also grabbed MacGyver: Season 4 because I already had seasons 1, 2, 3, and 5. I'm only partway through season 2. I have too many DVDs to watch. :P

It was funny when I went to pay. The girl at the counter said, "Oh my god! Everyone has been buying MacGyver tonight!" The counter dude next to her said, "MacGYverrr" in a deep voice and she cracked up. XD

Counter chick: "There you go! Enjoy watching ..." *pokes dude*
Counter dude: "MacGYverrr."
Counter chick: XD

But the most brilliant, awesome thing I accidentally stumbled upon in the anime section was ...

The Mysterious Cities of Gold! :D :D :D

Fantastic! This is a show that I absolutely adored as a kid. So much so that a few years ago I tracked it down on the internets and after much stuffing around with illegal downloads eventually scored myself the complete series. The quality was a bit dodgy, particularly in a few episodes, but I got to watch it all again! :D And surprisingly, I still enjoyed the show as an adult! :D Sadly, however, at the time there was no indication that the show would be released on DVD with the English dub.

So it's pretty freaky that I accidentally stumbled upon it at JB! It was .... $94. D: I immediately jumped onto EzyDVD's website to find they were selling it for $100 and they were out of stock. I tried Amazon and it was about US$60, which after the conversion to Aussie dollars plus shipping it would've come out to 150 billion dollars. I figured JB's price was a pretty good deal! Plus it was right there in my hand.


The only question remains is whether I'd watch the show here on my TV in my parents' house. >v< I'm far too self conscious about what I watch here.

Edit: Added bonus is I can now delete 10GB from my desktop PC's hard drive. XD
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