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Christmas wishlist

It's scary how many items I had on my hatchday wishlist that aren't of any interest to me now, either because I've already got 'em or my interests have changed. But here's some of the things I'd be interested in now.

Stuff grouped into categories and listed in order of preference.

* MiniDisc Walkman/Discman/portable audio.
* A decent soundcard. kibbereckons I should get a SBlive Value, whatever that is.
* Decent computer speakers!
* Footrot Flats soundtrack (I've been looking for this for aaaages).
* Alan Parsons - On Air.
* Creed - Weathered.
* Music by Queen, Dave Dobbyn, Elton John, The Offspring (pref. Smash or Ixnay) and Peter Gabriel/Genesis wouldn't go astray.

* Still need some sort of backup medium, like a CD burner or (skies forbid) a tape drive. If I could just work out what sort of tapes I need for the one I've got...
* Computer desk. Current desk is too cramped.
* Replacement motherboard for Aerie. I've got a K6-2 550 CPU that's just sitting there. (Hopefully it's still alive). Super Socket 7, anyway.
* 300 to 500MB hdd for a 486 I'm trying to resurrect (but honestly I'm not sure why). I'd rather resurrect Aerie. :>
* Games would be good. I might actually play some one day. :P (I still don't have Diablo 2.)

* 4-disc set for LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring.
* Back to the Future trilogy boxset.
* Split Enz DVD
* GoldenEye

I'm sure I'll be adding stuff to this list later.
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