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Incredibly tired now.

Internode keeps rejecting my internet order. Something about not being an active Telstra service. Am I on an Optus DSLAM? Fuck knows. ADSL and telephony is confusing. If I was home I'd call Internode to sort all this shit out, but I can't. Just going to keep resubmitting the order until I get bored of it, I guess.

Got permanent marker on my paws. Whoops. D:

Picked up badges today. Yay!

Went to the Computer History Museum today with Kreg and Warp. That was great. I had no idea what most of that stuff was, but it looked cool.

Didn't have as much fun today at the con compared to yesterday. Wandered down to the gryphon species panel in suit and dozed off a couple of times. Still got people taking photos of me, which is good.

I have no idea where I'll be sleeping tomorrow night. I have another night booked here in the con hotel, but I've heard that Mondays are dead at FC. Rose is leaving tomorrow. I don't know what anyone else has planned. I haven't been able to find Gatcat's friend and they have no way of contacting me except email or through my room phone. I guess if I don't get a lift then I'll stay here tomorrow night and figure out how to get to San Francisco and book myself into a hotel there.

I still need to visit an AT&T store to get a sim card.

Brain is slowly shutting down. It may have something to do with cooking it inside a gryphon head all weekend.

At Chipotle for brunch today the chick at the counter said something like "etintoogo", which sounded like complete gibberish to me until Warp translated it as "eat in or to go". Also found out that you can get egg on a sandwich here. What a strange place.
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