Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I'm not dead! Also, I'm somewhere in Sonoma County! Hooray! I've also figured out how to text internationally (it's just "+ (country code) (area code) (number)", just like back home), so now my housemate knows I'm not dead! This is a good thing.

ISP keeps rejecting my application for internet at home. This is a bad thing. I'm going to attempt to get my housemate to call them and figure things out. Not sure what I'm going to do if that doesn't work. Having no internet at home is going to suck.

Going back to civilisation tomorrow to visit an AT&T store so that my phone can actually perform phone-like duties, instead of simply laptop-that-fits-in-pocket duties. Apparently there is a party tomorrow as well, which might be an excuse to pull out the gryphon costume again.

The kind people I'm staying with have recently moved house, so there's a lot of unpacked boxes floating around. I'm also going to be sleeping in a workroom full of costume supplies, so it's sort of a weird mix of the current and previous sharehouses I've lived in.
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