Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Santa Cruz

On the bus back to San Jose with precious, precious internets. *salivates* I'm down to $2.79 credit on my phone (I started with $50 only five days ago!), I have no more data allowance and I can't freaking buy more credit for my phone with a non-US credit card. XP Stupidity! And I couldn't find any free wifi in Santa Cruz so I'm a little starved for internets. *twitch*

New rule: for the rest of this trip, if I'm paying for accommodation, it had better damn well have free wifi.

On the plus side, the people at the hostel were pretty helpful, gave me some ideas for things to do in Santa Cruz, and told me where the druggies were, presumably so that I could stay away from them.

I spent my Saturday getting a good dose of cancer-causing radiation. Wandered up the wharf, took a bunch of photos (mostly of seagulls), had fish and chips (OMNOMNOMsogood), walked about 2 miles along the seaside to where some monach butterflies were roosting (in wtfbbq eucalyptus, mate!), got bored, decided to walk back another two miles instead of taking the bus, got some awesome lighthouse-at-sunset photos, then finally got back to my room and collapses for half an hour because my legs were absolutely furious with me.

For my bus back this morning I had the choice of either the 6:40 or the 8:00 to San Jose. I picked the 6:40 because it forced me to get up early and hopefully minimise jetlag in Florida. The other reason was I was a bit dubious about whether arriving at San Jose at 9am would give me enough time to get out to the airport in time to check in and stuff for my flight at noon. Yes, my experience at LAX domestic has made me a little paranoid about my check-in time. Not that I wasn't already, but my experience just reinforced it.
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