Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

San Jose airport has free interwebs

Here I am at San Jose airport! Hooray! :D I successfully navigated the Bay Area's crazy whacky public transit system from Oakland to Santa Cruz and then from there to the airport.

I've checked in stupidly early. It's 9am now and my flight doesn't leave until noon, but for once I'm actually pleased to be at the airport early because I get to leech off free wifi for the next two hours. XD Mmm, precious interwebs.


So, hmm. Yes. Airport. With interwebs. And a plush owl toy that people keep commenting on.

Oh! I met a girl on the trip here this morning. She's from Buffalo, NY, and she's been travelling around and stuff. She was in Santa Cruz and she loves the West Cliff too. :D I told her a summary of my trip so far and she'd never heard of furries. I explained it as "animal mascots where people pick their animals", or something like that. She said she's either off back to Buffalo or on to Hawaii today. I think I'd pick Hawaii. :P

Got a text message from Felix right before I arrived at the airport to say he was leaving Harli's place now. XD Early bird gets teh interwebs. Mmm, interwebs.

No, I'm not wearing my gryphon costume or tail today, as much as I want to. I don't particularly want to get cavity searched by airport security.
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