Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

My burrowing owl plushie is a total chick magnet. I carried her with me for the whole trip from Santa Cruz to Sarasota. Unfortunately, most of the women who commented about the owl were 40+.

Normally I'm on edge whenever I pass through a security checkpoint at an airport. After I passed through the x-ray machine at San Jose, one of the women stopped me.
"What's the name of your owl?"
"Uhh, it's a burrowing owl."
"No, the name of it."
"...I haven't named it yet."
"You should name it Mineta, after our airport."
"Sorry, we get really bored doing this job."

The flight to Atlanta was uneventful. My moving map was broken, unfortunately. I watched four of the five episodes of The Hollowmen on my phone, then a bunch of Split Enz music videos. Again, I'm impressed by the battery life of my iPhone when it's not actually being used as a phone. :P

I have no opinion of Atlanta. The airport seemed big. I dragged Felix and Daniel along with me to a different concourse so that I could have a "real" sandwich from Quiznos. It's the first time that I've tried Quiznos and it seemed ... edible. Probably more edible than most of the other food on offer at the airport. I was amused by Georgian accents.

The flight to Sarasota was mercifully brief. After collecting my suitcase, I opened it up and put on my tail. XD I gave Rose a guilty look as I was putting it on. >_> Then we went to the car rental desk to pick up our vehicle. XD

I now have a gold Trek tunic. There is photographic evidence of me wearing it with my gryphon costume. Sadly, I am unable to show it to you. All I need to do to geek it up even more is wear that while using Google maps on my iPhone. XD

Highlights from yesterday include wearing my tail out in public to a local supermarket and going to a cheesy dinner/show thing called Arabian Nights. The steak was ... well, it was probably a $10 steak. Dear gods was the show cheesy! I might have enjoyed it better if I wasn't tired and mildly antisocial and if I actually liked horses. XD The horses were most entertaining after the show when they were free to roll around and bite each others' butts.

Magic Kingdom was freaking awesome today and I'm really glad I had a good time!
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