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Magic Kingdom is magic


So I had my first "real" experience driving in the US today. XD The five minute drive last week was real enough, I suppose, but I didn't really have to contend with traffic, and there was only one intersection. Today was driving in Orlando with crazy batshit tourists and winnebagos and crap. Rose freaked out at my driving because I tailgated and drove too fast and was impatient. Having said that, Rose's mum handed me the keys for the drive back. XD

Felix, Daniel, Rose and I got to ride up front with the driver in the monorail! We got copilot cards. *floof*

After we passed through the main gate, we were milling around in Main Street when suddenly some people exploded out of a cart and burst into a song and dance. Welcome to Disney. XD

I wanted a beer so badly after that song and dance. Wait, I haven't had a beer all day! Nooooooo! ;__;

We each got a photo taken in front of the castle. Mine was the cutest because I had a tail. Nyah.

Rose finally got to show me the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Yes, I do want a house like it. The height was almost enough to trigger my vertigo, so it's a good height too.

Tiki birds! I liked that show because, well, they're birds. There were a lot of bird puns. XD I just wish I could have understood Iago better. Animatronics!

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was disappointing only because there wasn't enough scary drops and splashes and stuff like I was expecting. XD Aside from that, it was great. Captain Jack has obviously been replaced because of the movie.

We stopped off for lunch after poking around in the Pirates gift shop (but we didn't buy anything). The chicken nuggets were surprisingly good, especially since it contained real chicken, but dear gods, the salt!

I decided I really needed a strap for my camera. I bought one from "The Crows Nest" camera store (plus I wanted to go into that shop anyway because of the name) for $17. o_O I already had a camera strap, but it's currently in the mail. D'oh! On the plus side, I have a souvenir. XD

Splash Mountain is an awesome ride! I got my quota of scary drops and water and then some. Unfortunately, when the photo was taken, I had my "serious face" on. I did enjoy that ride though, honest. >_>

Thunder Mountain Railroad was a great ride too! Had to queue for about 20 minutes but it was definitely worth the wait. Much bumpier than most other rollercoasters I've been on. XD It's great getting the adrenalin going.

Bought a bottle of Sprite and some Nerds candy and watched Rose's mum dance a jig in the street when a three piece band wandered by (because I suck, I don't know what instruments they were playing).

My camera's batteries ran flat and foolishly I wasn't carrying any spare batteries so I had to buy some. D: It set me back $17 for four Energizer lithium ultras or whatever they're called. I probably should have bought the cheaper ones. Better yet, I should have brought the ones I've been carrying since I bought the camera.

While I was buying batteries, some jackass started making comments about my tail. He asked me where I got it from. I said I made it, and to confuse the matter further, I pointed at Rose and said she made it. The guy asked if it was my mum, or sister, or girlfriend that made it. Then he asked about my mother again, and said that was because I must have grown the tail. *facepalm* If I wasn't in such a good mood I would have chewed his face off.

Country Bears was, um, animatronic singing bears. That about sums it up.

I really enjoyed the Haunted Mansion. XD One of the paintings has a woman that changes into a ... tiger? XD Plus there was a gryphon statue! Gryphons and catgirls! Wheeeee!

Space Mountain is superawesomeholycow ride! It's a roller coaster in almost pitch blackness that goes really fast and twists and drops and absolutely terrifies you. XD We did it twice! It was much better the first time, though, despite it being exactly the same ride.

I had a cookies and cream icecream sundae! OMNOMONOMsoooooogood! I managed to polish off the entire thing and made a complete dork of myself in the process. XD

There was a stage show Mickey Mouse, and Donald and Minnie and Goofy and Peter Pan and some other characters. It was surprisingly good. Rose was there to take a photo of Donald but we ended up staying to watch the whole thing. Ugh, the theme was "dreams come true". I thought I'd blotted that out of my memory. XD

Poked around in the gift shop before leaving. I didn't see anything that caught my eye. Rose was shopping for her boyfriend's kid. Daniel and I eventually got bored and wandered off to inspect the rest of the store, but it was one of those gift shops where you have to be a hard core fan to buy anything.

I'm really super glad I wore my tail out to Magic Kingdom. XD Someone else might have more photos of me.

Magic Kingdom, Florida 2009
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