Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Downtown Disney

Not much to say about yesterday, really. We wandered around Downtown Disney buying stuff we probably shouldn't, convincing ourselves not to buy stuff we wanted, and looking at stuff there's no way we could possibly afford. XD (Wurlitzer?)

Holycrap, LEGO! I almost bought an AT-AT walker that ACTUALLY MOVES. It was only $129, which in Australian dollars is $1,956,620. But Lego of awesomeness! Eeeee!

Got lots of Lego photos, of course! Galleryyyy!

I ended up with a Zelda cap (which is slightly too small for my head), the last Luckey (bottle opener shaped like a key) in Lake Buena Vista (which Rose regrets handing to me), a microraptor mini, a Folkmanis pteranodon puppet, an eagley fridge magnet, and a dinosaur bones icecube tray.

From Downtown Disney

The Rainforest Cafe was pretty good! I wasn't game to try any of the mass produced American beers so I settled for a couple of bottles of Stella and a chicken burger sandwich burger.

There was a girl, maybe in her late teens or early twenties, in the Virgin Music Megastore that asked to have her photo taken with me with my tail. I think my face was bright red for about two minutes afterwards.
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