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My Sunday has been exciting. First, I did some laundry, and then I did another load, and then another. I called my parents and found out I can procrastinate getting my lorikeet for another week. I haven't quite finished settling into the new place yet. Then Peta and I took a trip to Spotlight for some more supplies for whatever she's doing. Transformers keychain toys, I think. We also stopped by a bottlo because I need to find a better cider than Strongbow. Having been exposed to Blackthorn I've come to realise that Strongbow is crappy cider. Fingers crossed that I find something available locally that's good. Also bought some ground coffee for my espresso machine, and got to use it for the first time in two years! Yay! And then I took a nap, because Brisbane is too damn hot. Seriously. I don't know how people can live here without aircon. This makes me sad and grumpy because I can't fursuit. I think I'd die.
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