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Today sucked. I've been dreadfully tired all day. I'd guess that 2/3rds (possibly more) of my day I was in a nonproductive state. I just couldn't shake my tiredness at all, and a lot of the time I was dozing off. It felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep last night, and I certainly didn't feel well-rested at the end of the day.

I even drank two pretty strong cups of coffee, to no avail. In fact that probably made things worse...putting my blood pressure up, giving me bloodshot, sore eyes, etc.

Of course it didn't help that I was writing documentation today. Maybe I'm coming down with hayfever or the flu or something. :/

I was rather annoyed at the significant lack of work I accomplished today. Maybe an hour's work, if that, over the course of the day. I definitely wasn't slacking at all. I just couldn't work. :/

[What a lousy day to be without 'net access.]
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