Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Furry party

I need to stop spamming Twitter. Time for a journal entry!

Had a party at our house last night for housemate's birthday! It went well, it was a relatively small gathering, there was meaty barbecue goodness and alcohol. Oddly, I didn't take any photos last night. Also didn't buy bacon, which is incredibly WTF.

I have a mild hangover this morning. I threw up last night after the party. My head was spinning. Too much Jack Daniels, I think. Maybe drinking cider, Jagerbombs and JD was a bad combo.

There's no candy in the house either. There may still be cheesecake.

The house is tidy. I like this.

It's odd that I only wore ears and a tail last night. The ears weren't mine, but they matched my hair colour almost perfectly. Rose, Kelvin and I wandered down to the servo looking for ice, but due to some stupid law they're not allowed to sell anything except petrol after 7:30pm. Uh, but I was still wearing ears and tail during that little trip. We retrieved Pepsi from the Pizza Hut across the road.

Most people got into the furry spirit of the party (that sounds alcoholic). Okay, only half the guests did. =P

My head is still spinning. Supermarket opens in 15 minutes. Mmm, bacon.
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