Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

So today I was sick with the flu ... I think? I was definitely coming down with it yesterday, and this morning I didn't feel too great, but since about lunchtime I haven't had any symptoms besides a slightly sore throat. Slightly. Maybe I've just got hayfever? I'm confused. Maybe my immune system kicked viral butt.

Anyway, I answered a work email this morning and spent the rest of the day doing laundry. I think I ran about 7 loads through the machine today. The shower curtain I bought two months ago from Ikea is covered in mould. I tried washing it to no great effect. I'll probably just throw it out. Maybe we need more fresh air in our bathroom. Stupid mould.

Had dinner (fish n chips) with parents and a brother this evening and watched a bit of rugby league on my brother's new telly. One brother bought a 40inch Sony Bravia (must be a crappy model because it looks ugly, the remote feels cheap and it doesn't even have picture in picture), and the other brother bought a 7.2 (*snicker*) surround sound system. Mum looked horrified when Dad and my bro unpacked all the speakers. I have a feeling only some of them will be hooked up next time I visit. I've had my 5.0 setup for four and a half years now and I still haven't bothered getting a subwoofer. Two is just silly.

Got about halfway through setting up the fish tank today. I rinsed it out good and filled it with about a 2cm layer of gravel. I need to add another centimetre of gravel before I can fill it with water. I spent about another half hour rinsing gravel when I got back from my parents' house, but decided to call it a night. There's always tomorrow!
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