Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Further Confusion

*dusts off journal*

So! I'll be at FC later this month! Who else is going? =D

Flights all booked! Fursuit under construction! Travel insurance booked, hotel room booked (con hotel!), FC pre-reg .. regged. Still need to get a travel card, maybe buy a lens or two for my camera, uhh, probably some other stuff too. *forgetful* I hope my US sim card still works! *crosses talons*

Travelling with wolfwings for the first half of the trip, then staying with buran for the second half. Less travelling than the last trip. Well....more roadtripping! Yay!

I'll be posting here daily like last time, and likely updating Twitter frequently.

Edit: Nope, cell number has expired! I'll get a new one before the con. ^^
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