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Killing a bit of time while my camera battery charges. I fly out to LA in the morning! I probably should sleep, but who could?

I was a big ball of stress all day today until about 6pm or so. I picked up some final supplies for my trip. A loose pair of jeans that I can wear with my stompy gryphon feet, a luggage strap, and a US->AU plug adapter (un-earthed, d'oh!).

Rose finished the modifications to my fursuit, Whyrl 1.5. The stompy feet are awesome and fun to wear! The new tail looks much better than the old one too. No other changes to the partial other than some repair work to the arms and new claws on the hands.

Photos here: http://www.quadrupedaljellybean.com/gallery148/thumbnails.php?album=172&page=1

I've packed way less for my trip than I did last time. This makes me very nervous and I can't shake the feeling I've forgotten something important. I'm sure I'll remember something when I'm on the plane, or possibly the first night when I open my luggage and can't find whatever I really need at that moment.

My cat Tiberius is purring and cuddling with me as I type this. How am I going to survive three weeks without my kitty??

Con badge from Rose. I need to get this printed!

Another badge from Likeshine: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3277409/

I've got the awesomest collection of badges!
Tags: fc2010, travel
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