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The eagle has landed

...and I'm stuck in LAX until my ride shows up!

This makes me nervous because I'm uncontactable except online. I dished out the $7.99 to connect to T-Mobile's wifi here. Wifi should be free in airports, dammit! It's a pain in the butt having a phone that doesn't work. I have a prepaid AT&T sim but it's expired and useless. Why doesn't AT&T have a presence here?? This airport is all kinds of retarded.

So anyway, talons crossed that I'm not waiting here much longer.

V Australia = massive win. The plane was great, the flight relatively smooth, reasonable legroom, comfy seats, good food (except the lemon cheesecake which tried to kill me), and we were only in the air for 12 hours instead of 15 like the United flight last year.

It's misty and rainy here in LA, which is good because it hides this fugly shithole city. Perhaps more importantly, it washes away the smell.

My body clock is screwed up majorly. I got maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep on the plane. I did however get a good night's sleep before I left, which is a huge advantage over last time.

It's so weird being in an airport and not wearing a tail.

I want to go upstairs where there's icecream and a power point for my laptop, but I don't want to leave the arrivals lounge in case Wolfwings shows up.
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