Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Fursuiting at work, part 2

I got mentioned in the newsletter at work, released today!

This is the second paragraph on the first page:

At this point it would be good to welcome our three new staff members. Tristan joins the Development team in the New Technologies and Services Area working on customized services and new development areas. Wayne has also joined the Operations team in a Testing, Documentation and Special projects role. Our third team member is Gryphon…. Gryphon has a dual role of Statseeker mascot and developer.

This is from my manager's report on page 4:

On a side note, everyone in the office were in dismay when a bizarre creature walked into the office on 22/2/2010. We all found out that a 4 week holiday can really change the appearance of someone :) We are all glad to have you back whyrl and it is great to hear that you had a good time off.

Pfft! I'm not bizarre! *ruffle*

And finally, on the last page:

..... And Gryphon... new Statseeker Mascot or Developers Day Out?

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