Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

FC image spam!

Here are some photos of me from Further Confusion 2011!

Badges for Rook!

From Kynekh:

From DarkNatasha:

Aaaand I bought this Nambroth original from the art show!

Tags: art, fc, fursuiting
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Ah, so YOU bought that Nam painting! =D You lucky bird you, it's such a wonderful piece, and seeing it in person was a real treat. You get to ogle it everyday!
I couldn't help myself! I got in to the art show early and it was there and it had a "Buy Now" price and and ... =D
Lookin' sharp!

Deleted comment

Thanks! A lot of people at the con went "squee!" when they saw me. ^_^
Oooh, nice suit! I wouldn't have guessed it was you.

Love the original there! I can see why you snapped it up.
I think Rook is the best new fursuit that I saw at the convention. Who made it? :>
rosequoll and I made him together. :> Rose should take most of the credit, of course.
Seriously, it was the best there. Though Gyrhawk's is a damn close second, because well, I'm a sucker for birds. (Who isn't?)
Haha, I agree with you on all points there!
A gecko, nice! And a very cute one, at that! That Nambroth piece amazed me when I saw it at Midwest Furfest in the art show...congrats on getting it!
Sneaky bird...lizard... thing. No wonder I almost never saw you at the con. :P Why the species change? It certainly looks nice!
Because it was supposed to be an Australian themed con (never would have guessed it) I bought a commission for an Aussie animal fursuit, and I just decided to do a gecko.