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Still got a fever this morning. Spoke to both my parents and their advice is the same: drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. I'm inclined to agree; if I saw a doctor then he'd probably just tell me the same thing, although he might prescribe antibiotics as well. Feeling kinda sinusy now too, so I took a Demazin (the last one) and a couple more paracetemol tablets. I've got gaming tomorrow night but at this stage I'd say that I can't attend.

The family is going down to the coast from Tuesday through to Sunday. I'm starting to think it'd be a good idea to join them. Get a doctor's certificate, tell my boss that I have honestly been sick (I'd have evidence) and that I could use a week to recuperate. Possibly the only issue is the cat, but we've got a standing offer from our vet that she'd happily look after him for us. Hrrm. :>

Besides, if I'm still sick when my family are away, it's not going to be any fun being home alone. :P At this stage it's still "wait and see", but I probably do have a sinus thing or the flu. Only got a couple of aches, but that's to be expected. It's true that I have been tired at work, though. Can't feel any glands up besides those under my jaw, and even those are only are pea sized. Been kinda sneezy too, though that could be due to allergies (been sneezy for a week or two now). Got a leopard tree outside my window in full bloom. :P Not to mention a layer of dust on my fly screen. Should clean that today...hrr.

So it looks like I'm set for another day in front of my computer. :D
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