Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

The Fellowship of the Wing

[11:33] * Whyrl ponders how many Australian avians there are.
[11:34] <Skandranon> Not enough? :>
[11:35] <Whyrl> Definitely not. :>
[11:37] <Hawthorn> Nine.
[11:39] <Hawthorn> There's like a little circle of them. They're called The Fellowship of the Wing.
[11:42] <Whyrl> There's myself, Ciúin, Gryf, Riq'ris, Corvus, Calaway, uhh...
[11:42] <Whyrl> Kalzak.
[11:42] <Skandranon> LOL!
[11:42] <Whyrl> Not sure if Bingo counts or not.
[11:42] <Skandranon> Sure. :>
[11:43] <Whyrl> He's more dingo than bird. :>
[11:43] <Hawthorn> Boing!
[11:43] <Skandranon> Ehh, okay he's a backup. :>
[11:43] * Whyrl giggles.
[11:43] <Whyrl> Kreggan is over Stateside, so he doesn't count. :P
[11:45] <Whyrl> But I suppose that's 9 there if you want to stretch the definition a bit. ;P
[11:46] <Hawthorn> Right. Now find the shortest one of them, and give them an axe...
[11:48] * Hawthorn just likes saying "And MY axe!" :p
[11:49] * Keenath has joined #feathers
[11:49] <Whyrl> Bingo gets a curvy sword.
[11:49] <Keenath> Woo! Curvy sowrd.
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