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FriendTest results!

Hi, I'm from Melbourne, my cat's name is Polo, I really hate Microsoft, and I've never touched a drink in my life.


At least, that's what everyone seems to think. ;> I closed my FriendTest this morning, and the results are pretty interesting. :> Here comes the fun part! If you'll bear with me, I'll go through each of the questions now and discuss the answers, for better or worse, and I've been rethinking some of the point values to some of the answers, so stick around for the final scores!

Even if you didn't take my test, this might be a worthwhile read.

First off, I should say something about how I created the quiz. I picked some questions that I thought would be interesting and worthwhile to ask, sorted them so that the easier questions (or what I thought were the easier questions) came first, then for each question wrote down the correct answer (obviously), an answer (or two) that I'd imagine would be close, but not correct, if someone knew me but didn't know me well, a dummy or humorous answer and then one or two more answers just for padding. There's only one correct answer for each question. ;>

As for point values: 10 points for the correct answer, 5 points for a "close" or half-correct answer, between 1-4 points for padding answers, depending on how generous I felt, and 0 points for answers that were dummy or definitely incorrect. Simple! (Well, no, not quite...)

1. Before I moved to Brisbane, Australia, where did I live?
Melbourne, Australia (0 points) 13
Newcastle, Australia (0 points) 4
Gloucester, England (0 points) 4
Auckland, New Zealand (5 points) 10
Whangarei, New Zealand (10 points) 9

I'm not sure why people mostly chose Melbourne for this answer. Even a couple of local people chose that answer. Well, okay, more people chose New Zealand (15) than Melbourne (13), but it really ought to be common knowledge that I'm a Kiwi. :> I guess it isn't exactly something I advertise, and even people I've known for several years were surprised when they found out, since they didn't notice I had an accent. Well, okay, I don't talk all that much either. ;D But seriously, you'd think that people I've been to classes with for a couple of years would notice eventually. Anyway, I'm proud to be an (ex) Kiwi, although I'm definitely Australian now... except when it comes to sport. :D Go the ferns in the Cricket World Cup!!

For the record, I've never been to Melbourne, I've only passed through Newcastle once back in 1988, and I've never been to England, though Gloucester is supposedly near where the Frampton name comes from. 5 points obviously if you got my country of origin right; 10 for knowing that I came from the hole city of Whangarei. ;>

2. Which word best describes my real life personality?
Angsty (0 points) 4
Funny (3 points) 2
Quiet (10 points) 33
Rude (0 points) 0
Silly (1 points) 1

Okay, this was an easy one. ;> Most people got it. Possibly it should have been put first as the easy starter question, but I figured "Where am I from?" was more fundamental. The first rule of Whyrl is "He Who Does Not Speak", as dilph would say. The second rule is "When Whyrl Does Speak, Listen", because I usually have something insightful/funny/informative to say. Sometimes I think I angst too much online, which is why I suppose there were some answers in that category. Of course, it's pretty rare that I angst offline. I'm not too sure how funny I am. That should probably only be worth 2 points there. ;> And I'm kinda silly as well, but not in an extroverted way. Some of the stuff I do is "silly", but probably because I'm just a little odd. :P

3. I will be graduating from my bachelor degree at the end of this semester. Which degree?
Engineering (Software) (10 points) 28
Information Technology (5 points) 4
Journalism (0 points) 2
Science (Computer Science) (3 points) 6
Science (Physics) (0 points) 0

Not a whole lot to say about this one. This is one of only two answers where the default selection was correct. I started my Bachelor of Engineering degree back in 1998, selected the "Computer Systems" stream the following year (perhaps I should've put that down as an option), bombed out horribly in the first semester so I switched over to "Software", and now I'm finally about to complete it.

As for the alternative answers, well, BE (Software) is essentially an IT or CS degree from 2nd year, with the exceptions of the team project courses, the industrial practice and first aid requirements, and project management. Both IT and CS are "half correct" answers, and hence should receive 5 points apiece.

4. What type of music do I most listen to?
80s (5 points) 14
Classical (1 points) 0
Movie soundtracks (2 points) 4
Rock (10 points) 15
Techno (1 points) 7

This is the first of the wishy-washy questions. In a sense, I listen to all these types of music. The question asks which I most listen to. Although I do have a lot of 80s music, I've found that I have music stretching across four decades (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s), and by far the most common type is rock music. (Whispers: Triple M!) Linkin Park is kiiiiindasorta rock (alternative rock, really), Matchbox 20 and Garbage are also rock bands, and of course Nickleback is definitely rock, and that's generally what I've been listening to lately. This is incidentally the only question Bingo got wrong. 80s was only a 4 point answer at the time, when really it should be 5 points. I do get nostalgic for a lot of 80s music, and Crowded House is one of my favourite bands...

5. Favourite alcoholic drink
Dark & Stormy (10 points) 7
XXXX Gold (beer) (0 points) 4
Rum and coke (5 points) 9
Vodka (3 points) 7
I don't drink (1 points) 13

This was the other correct "default" answer. This one surprised me. I actually put down the last answer, "I don't drink", as an afterthought because I couldn't think of any other drinks to put down. :D Friends who have known me for a while actually put that down as their answer since there was a time when I wouldn't drink. I didn't have my first alcoholic drink until I was 19. I still don't drink all that often; not as often as my brothers do, who are sometimes seen getting a cold beer from the fridge.

I suppose some explanation is required as to what a "Dark & Stormy" is. Bundaberg makes the most awesome, delicious tasting Ginger Beer. And they sell it mixed with their rum, which I also like. So, I mean, honestly! How the heck could I possibly not love Dark & Stormy?! :D Well....it is a little pricey, but then it doesn't take much to get me intoxicated. :p

I've only ever had maybe five glasses of beer in my time. I don't particularly like it. If I had to choose a favourite then I guess it'd be either XXXX Gold or Guinness, but as I said I haven't had much experience at all with beer. Nor do I particularly want to.

The drink I've had most often is rum and coke, but that doesn't make it my favourite. ;> I also like vodka, but I don't drink it all that much. Long Island Ice Tea....mmmmm. Well, "mmmmm" if it's well made. :P Ask Rage about that, heheh. ;>

6. What is my cat's name?
Leon (0 points) 4
Polo (0 points) 9
Rastas (0 points) 5
Sam (5 points) 5
Sebastian (10 points) 18

Fairly simple question that half of the quiz participants stuffed up. ;>

[Insert pic when Avians.net comes back up...]
My cat, Seba, or Sebastian. He's a pedigree chocolate burmese and about a year and a half old now.

[Insert pic of Sam (ditto Avians.net slander j/k)...]
This is why I gave 5 points to the answer "Sam". He was a black moggy that we brought over from NZ. I miss him. :/

[No, I don't have a photo of Polo.]
Polo is Bingo's cat, and it amuses me how many people fell for this one. ;>

Leon and Rastas are the names of previous cats (circa 1985 or so).

7. If I could have one wish fulfilled, what would it be?
Become a world famous screenplay writer and author (5 points) 4
Find the girl of my dreams, travel the world with her and then settle down (3 points) 3
Gain the ability to change into a bird of prey (10 points) 29
Lead the first manned mission to Mars and then invent the warp drive (2 points) 3
Write the next "killer app" and become amazingly rich overnight (0 points) 1

This was a bad question, really. The people that answered "screenplay writer" are also the three people that have been closest to me. Just about everyone else that knows me know that I'm a birdbrain, so the answer seems obvious. And, really, it is. :P Not everyone knows that I have ambitions of becoming a published writer someday. If the question had been, "What is my lifelong dream?" then the results would have been far more interesting.

The rationalisation behind my choice is that I can achieve the first dream through perseverance and hard work. Plus it would seem like cheating if I just wished it for me, whereas what I'm really after is a sense of accomplishment with my ambition. On the other hand (wing?), being able to change into a bird of prey is something wickedly cool and I just couldn't pass up on that if it could be granted to me in a wish. ;> But it is not my lifelong dream to turn into a bird of prey. It's more of a fantasy, really, and I always keep that firmly in mind because I don't want to go out of my mind. :p :>

The other choices I've variously dreamed about at some stage. I do like option 2. :> But again, it's something I hope to achieve just by living out my life rather than wishing it into existence. The other two choices are exceedingly cool but I just wouldn't wish them for myself. Far more fun as daydreams. :>

8. What is my religion?
Agnostic (0 points) 19
Anglican (0 points) 2
Atheist (10 points) 14
Buddhist (0 points) 0
Christian (0 points) 5

*flamesuit on*
Religion is one of those dodgy topics that I generally try to avoid as much as possible. But I thought it'd be interesting to get some insight from my friends as to what religion they think I am. ;> I do get curious and wonder sometimes what my friends believe, but I figure it's usually best just not to ask. I mean, if they don't tell me then it's not important.

Most seemed to figure out that I'm not practicing any religion, hence most of the answers are split between Agnostic (An agnostic does not deny the existence of God and heaven but holds that one cannot know for certain whether or not they exist.) and Atheist (One who disbelieves or denies the existence of a God, or supreme intelligent Being.)

*deep breath* So, here's my personal belief. I'd like to believe in some higher being, whether it be God or Haforn the Eagle or Peter Gabriel. I think it would make life simpler; provide some meaning and purpose to life. But the truth is, the thought of some higher being is just laughable

Whyrl gets struck down by lightning, his ruined corpse sizzling at the keyboard, acrid smoke curling around his monitor...

*coughs* Right, yes. Just a bit of humour there. :P *sighs* I guess I'm just too "intelligent" to believe that sort of thing, which I suppose is a shame really, but there you have it. ...then again, I do maintain that we're a long long way from uncovering all the mysteries of the universe (will we ever even get close to uncovering them all?), and I like to keep an open mind that anything is possible. Eh. I've got plenty of other things to waste my time on than to wonder about the creation of the universe (a cosmic orgy), where we came from (evolution;P), whether anyone is watching over us (big brother), and what happens when we die (we rot in the ground, or get cremated, or whatever). No, I don't believe in an afterlife. :p
*flamesuit off*

What is boils down to is, 10 points if you answered Atheist, I really should give 5 points for Agnostic, because it's "half" right (I don't practice religion but I don't believe in spiritual mumbojumbo either), and 0 for anything else. Interestingly, both my brothers answered Anglican because apparently that's what I "officially" am, according to the last couple of censuses I've taken, and it's what my paternal grandmother wanted. :p Blargh. I don't even know what an Anglican is. :p

9. What is my pet hate?
George W. Bush (0 points) 5
Incorrect spelling and punctuation (2 points) 7
Making a fool of myself (10 points) 9
Micro$oft (0 points) 11
Smartass know-it-alls (5 points) 8

This is pretty much something you either know or you don't. Almost all the time I have a very placid temperament. When my blood does boil, it's almost always because I just made a complete dickhead of myself or someone else has. It's not something I'm proud of; in fact it's one of the least liked facets of my personality. If there was something I could lobotomise out of my personality, that would be it. I hate it. I absolutely despise it. I'm working on trying to control it, but... it pains me, and I don't have total control over it. The urge to snap is sometimes just too great. I've lashed out at my own family because of it. :( And when people have seen me snap, they often go out of their way to not repeat it in the future, which also kinda bothers me because I don't always get like that. I usually know a joke when I see it, and I don't mind being the butt of the joke or deliberately looking stupid just to get a laugh. Generally. I guess as long as it doesn't get too personal and hit one of my "sensitive" areas, such as my lack of employment or my social anxiety.

Of course, there are other things that annoy me too, but not to that degree. The "smartass" answer above actually leads into the real reason, if you think about it. I hate being wrong about stuff. :P But that's because I don't want to look like a fool. It .... really bothers me. I wish I wasn't so damn self-conscious. It'd solve a lot of my problems, really.

As for spelling and punctuation, I'd rather that everyone used it correctly (except when being humorous or necessarily brief), but my opinion of it has softened over the years (mostly because of the amount of time I've spent with Kibbe). People who spell atrociously and skip punctuation/capital letters still bother me a lot, and it's worse when I know that they can but they're just too lazy. Grrr. I generally keep quiet about that though. For the record, sayh doesn't bother me for this because he's Norwegian and has a legitimate reason, and he generally spells pretty well (additional argument: Sayh would probably like to see me type perfect Norwegian;), and Bingo doesn't bother me either kos his is kute rather than annoying. ;> Heheh. :>

George W. Bush is an idiot and so are most of his policies. But I just can't be bothered slandering him. He isn't completely inept either. Not completely. I just don't trouble myself with politics much these days.

*giggle* And Micro$oft was a red herring, but I just couldn't resist. ;> I did try using linux on my home PC (Nest) for a year, but I got sick of it and eventually went with Win2k. The thing that bothered me most about Win9x was that it couldn't take the abuse I dished at it and it kept crashing all the time. I f***ing HATE Windows crashes!!! But Win2k rarely crashes on me. In fact, it hasn't crashed even once since I installed SP3. So Microsoft CAN do some good as evidenced by Win2k. I wouldn't touch any of their other OSes though. :p And I've yet to see a word processor that even comes close to MS Word. Sure, there are a lot of alternatives out there. Some of them are even decent. But as far as opening Word documents goes (and most of the world revolves around .doc and .xls), you just can't beat the original. I have to admit, though, LyX kicked ass for my thesis report. But the short of it is that I don't utterly despise Microsoft. I live with it and get on with my life. It's not about the OS, it's the applications you run on it. Each OS has its time and place, though. I dual boot between Debian and Win2k at work, and I just use whichever best suits my purpose for the task at hand. I wouldn't mind having a play around with Apple Macs some day. Win2k is here to stay on my home PC, Phoenix, though.

10. And finally, who is my current romantic interest? ;>
Skie (ayrebird) (2 points) 7
Buran (buran) (2 points) 1
Ciúin (iolarnula) (10 points) 21
Aly (solastuan) (0 points) 1
Takena (takenya) (0 points) 10

Alright, so I got silly with the last question. :D And probably in a bit of trouble too. I've been pining after Takena for two and a half years, but our friendship recently broke up and I have been advertising that a lot. :P It isn't fair to give her 0 points for that, but my reasoning was she was a "hell no, I'm not interested in her in the slightest anymore!!". Of course, it seems there are still quite a few people out of the loop, and it's probably the "close" answer out of the five, so I'm going to adjust the scores for everyone that put down her by 5 points.

The correct answer is Ciúin (chrrrrrr), whom I have been chatting to sporadically over the past month or so, and developed something of an infatuation of her. But we're only friends! I'm allowed to fawn over friends, though, aren't I? ;D *giggle* Okay, I be serious now. :>

Skie was my mate for a brief period but that was two years ago, so I suppose she's worth a couple of points. We're only friends now too, though, and she's much to far away for anything to work. Plus our interests are too different to make it work, really, but that's a different story. But no hard feelings! *snoogs* :>

Buran was one of the silly answers. I put down 2 points for her just so she didn't feel bad. :p :> Eh, it really should be 0 points, and I'm going to adjust scores accordingly.

Aly (Wuffy's GF, and no relation to Alyeska), was the other silly answer, but she's been posting a lot in my journal and I thought it might throw some people off. ;> Heheh. Didn't work. :P Only person who put her down was one of my brothers, and I know for a fact he doesn't read my journal and he's never met her, so it was a random choice.

WOOO! End of quiz! :D *big sigh of relief* Well done, all!

Okay, let's just go over the modified scores again.

Q3. Science (Computer Science) (5 points), was 3 points.
Q4. 80s (5 points), was 5 or 4 points.
Q8. Agnostic (5 points), was 0 points.
Q10. Buran (0 points), was 2 points.
Q10. Takena (5 points), was 0 points.

And finally, the high scores! :D

High scores
95 Bingo (9)
82 Dilph (7)
80 Xaxoqual (7)
80 Warphammer (6)
78 Afromann (7)
75 Wuffy (6)
75 Buran (6)
71 David M (6)
70 Guest (4)
67 Pshaw (6)
66 Ral (5)
65 Edward (5)
64 Aly (6)
64 Sneak (6)
63 Quoll (5)
63 Hawthorn (5)
63 Dahli (4)
62 Rodney (6)
60 Archai (5)
60 Lanakila (5)
59 Feath (5)
59 Daz (4)
58 Kibbe (5)
58 Rage (5)
58 haakon (4)
56 Expy (4)
54 Akil (4)
54 Atpaw (4)
51 Prio (3)
50 Ka Crow (3)
..and then everyone who scored <50. The ten of you who did are free to ask me what your final score was. :P
Oh, the number in brackets indicates the number of correct answers.

Global statistics:
Number: 40
Average: 59.2
Std dev: 14.3

Online statistics:
Number: 25
Average: 54.6
Std dev: 13.6
Highest score: Xaxoqual/Warphammer (tie)

People who have met me:
Number: 15
Average: 66.7
Std dev: 12.5
Highest score: Bingo

Congratulations, b_dingo! You are winner! Ha ha ha! You are winner!
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