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Tired. And not tired in the good, sleepy way. Tired in the way that screams I've only had five hours of sleep and my body knows it. Worth it? Heck yes.

Hooked up with Rannoch again after work. I dragged him along to Hog's Breath Cafe for dinner. Mmmmm, steak. Sharon was working again, which was cool. I got my Dark & Stormy, which is also cool. ;> And interested Rann enough that we wandered off afterwards to find a bottle shop. Then we wandered around the corner to the bowling alley to hang out for a while. All the lanes and pool tables were busy. The air hockey table was free, but eh. The noise started to get to me after a while and we were both kinda tired, so we went back outside and I called Dilph to see what was up. Not much, he said; he was out late night shopping, Aly was coming back into town tonight, and Anthea & Sylvester were dropping around as well. I checked with my guest first if he was okay with the half hour walk from Milton to Toowong, but he didn't seem to mind all that much. Besides, it's good exercise. ;>

Caught up with Dilph and Hairy in Toowong. In fact, I phoned Dilph up a second time just as I was approaching the lights of which the Toowong BP overlooks (i.e. near the 7-11), and he suddenly came in from the other direction, so I told him to turn around. :D I am amused.

Went back to Casa Dilphenstein, sat around and shot the shit (well, full credit goes to Sleepdepped Dilph for that, since he was doing all the shooting, but hey, it's a free show;). I got a call on my phone from Mum asking what I was up to, and at that stage I was thinking of crashing the night, then getting up at some ridiculous hour in order to pick up my bag (which I'd left in Rannoch's room), going home, showering, picking up my gaming stuff and then heading off to work, all before 8am. :P I called Dad again some time later asking if he could give me a lift back home, which he agreed to, but later admitted he was watching NZ play in the cricket, so he probably wasn't all that happy about it. ;>

Dad dropped Rann off at the hotel, and I ducked inside with him to pick up my bag. He presented me with one more gift, which I admit I've only just opened to see what it was (although I figured it was wine of some kind due to the vaguely wine-bottle shaped object). 1998 Griffin Creek Merlot-Syrah. Ha! Griffin wine. :D We said farewell, since I had other plans for tonight and he's probably leaving the country tomorrow morning. Although I'm in half a mind to ditch tonight in favour of spending a little more time with him before he leaves. On the other hand, he could probably use some rest before his flight out and we had a good night last night so I guess it might be better to leave it on a positive note. :> Besides by all rights he should be back someday and I still have intentions of visiting the US, but of course I don't know when that'll be. And he's interested me enough in Oregon that I want to see it for myself.

So, in all, a pretty interesting night (in a good way) and an enjoyable outing. :> I managed to speak more than usual, got to show him my favourite restaurant (he approved of it;), introduced him to Dark & Stormy, showed him a slice of my life in the sense that he met some of my friends, and showed my dad that I pick good online friends. ;> And just generally hanged out. So I'm pretty satisfied.

I guess it's a shame he can't spend longer here. Hopefully, next time I'll actually have a car and an income, which would open up a lot more options re: showing him around and doing stuff goes.
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