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Classes, random meetings and textbook hunting

I've been randomly bumping into friends again the last two days. Yesterday morning it was Lindsay, and we had a chat on the bus into uni. Yes, I actually contributed to the conversation instead of nodding and smiling politely. :p Although about half the time I was doing the talking and he was nodding, and the other half he was talking and I was nodding. So I guess it balances out. Just random stuff. Uni, movies, programming. Heh. It took me nearly an hour to get to campus from the city cos we'd just missed one bus to uni so we queued up, whereas most of the other students ignored the queue and hovered around the bus stop, and the bus was full when we go to the doors so we missed out. And the next bus (which we caught half an hour after getting to the stop) crawled through traffic. :/

First class of the semester was COMP3201 "Computer Graphics", and that was my only lecture of the day. Geez, that was a waste of time. Prior to the lecture I perused the website and the lecturer basically rehashed everything that was there. :P Well, the lecturer did show some slides from a few projects that they were working on at the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre (ACMC) at UQ. Virtual theatre, virtual reef, and some virtual placenta project. :p Bleh. It was cute hearing her talk about "transformations" and later about "morphing", though. :D Okay, so transformations of course relate to taking the 3D image and mapping it to a 2D display (i.e. geometric transformation). And morphing was some technic used for treating psychosis, i.e. creating a virtual room and morphing pictures and stuff as per the patient's hallucination.

Caught the bus back to my suburb, and instead of walking straight home I wandered down the road to the supermarket and picked up some chocolate. :D I then wandered around the neighbourhood a little, eventually walking down a crescent to see if there was this stray burmese cat lurking about where my mother reported seeing it. Alas, it wasn't there. :/ Something else interesting happened yesterday but I forget what it was.

Got to campus about 40 minutes early this morning so I bummed around a bit. First got the label replaced on my swipecard (it went through the wash!), and I wasn't exactly sure where my class was. Building 78? Where's that? .... Oh, duh, I'm in Building 78! Sheesh! Why couldn't they put "GPS" on the timetables? ;D Waited for the elevator, which took some time, and some older guy told off some undergrads for taking the elevator down, since there was a flight of stairs going down only 15 metres away. He then asked what floor I was going to. Fourth floor. He said I was "lucky". As I was getting off, he said I should take the stairs next time (it's good exercise). I just smiled politely. :P Gee, I normally take the stairs. Thppt. Found the room, then took the stairwell down to first the ground floor, tried my old lab, swipecard didn't work, then went downstairs and tried trusty ol' GPS-107. Swipecard still didn't work. :P I was starting to think it was broken, but it worked on 116, which I apparently had tutorials timetabled in, so that's a relief. Went in and checked my email (one message from FeatherTails, woo).

Hmm, where was I? Oh yeah - the lecture. :P ENGG4000 "Intro to Systems Engineering". It's a good thing I took my Industrial Experience this summer because it really put today's introductory lecture into context. I was working on small parts of a large system and it fascinated me wondering how that system had been put together. The lecturer said it's a "difficult" course, so here's hoping I can cope with it. He also said that if you're not organised then you shouldn't be taking this course. Uhoh. :P And there's only about 20 students enrolled; 6 or so are postgrads.

Wandered around campus a little after the lecture. First went to the bank to tell them I'm still a student and please don't charge my account. :P (I'm still flat broke; $0.00 balance.) And asked the teller if I could have my money back that they took from me last year in charges despite the fact that I was a fulltime student then, too, but she said it'd look weird if that branch put back money that'd been taken from me by my home branch, and she said to talk to them about it. Unfortunately, I already have, and my brother tried to get his money back too from them and they said no. Grrrr. Well, it's still worth a try I suppose.

After the bank, I took a trip to the library to see if there was anything relevant to my course that I could check out. It took me ten bloody minutes to find the computer graphics section. :p Damn confusing library cataloguing system. Found out that the section labels are double-sided too, so I only get the side of the aisle closest to me. :P Sigh. Anyway, picked up a CD-ROM, thinking it had the text of the book on it as well, but later found out it's just one of those "companion" CDs that comes with the book....and there was no book on the shelf. :P Still, might be worth checking out anyway just to see what's on it. OpenGL sample code and such, from the blurb.

I also picked up a text on Systems Engineering from the library just to get a flavour of the course content. Mm, good bedtime reading cure for insomnia. ;D Nahh, it's actually quite readable.

Second friend I bumped into in as many days was Janet, aka Fault. :D I was just wandering from the library back to the bus stop. Caught up for about twenty minutes as we walked and talked. Apparently she's been getting into some RP on a furry board. I was wondering as she was telling me this if (a) I told her I was a furry, (b) if she was a fringe furry. She did say she's going to be dressing up in an anime cat costume sometime soon.... She gave me the address for the place so maybe I'll check it out soon. Maybe play a clockwork gryphon, hehe. ;>

She also asked if I was into anime. I said that sadly I wasn't, although I'd seen an episode each of Hacksign (sp?) and Chobits. She told me that apparently the Japanime club (jc.org.au is the address she gave me but it doesn't resolve) are showing Hacksign on Sundays.

Also, she's got muscles in her legs from all the DDR that she's been doing. Ovo That is truely scary.

She put me on a bus just before it left, hehe. Caught a ride into town and then went textbook hunting. :D Mostly looking for a good computer graphics reference text. Borders is definitely bloody expensive. It was about $100 for K&R, for skies' sake!!! Got some prices down and stuff. The American Bookstore had nothing I wanted. :p McGills a few doors down had a nice selection of computer books.

On the way home I wandered down that crescent again hoping to see the stray cat. Still didn't see it. :/ As I was coming out of the crescent, though, I saw my brother walking down the road and waved to him. He was surprised to see me coming out of that street. :D But how freaky is that? I basically never bump into my brother walking home. Well, fairly rarely. Maybe a couple of times a year.

So this evening I jumped online and scouted out on Amazon and QU Books (local competitively priced student textbook store - where I usually get my books from) for books and prices, and picked a reasonable (I hope!) selection.

Mason Woo et al, OpenGL Programming Guide, Third Edition
Richard Stevens et al, Systems Engineering: Coping With Complexity
Savchenko 3D Graphics Programming: Games & Beyond
Stroustrup The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition)
Cormen, T. et al. Introduction to Algorithms 2nd Ed (required text)

Ubergeeky collection. ;> That'll probably come to around $400. *faints*

....good thing my 'rents are covering it. ;D Wheeeeee...huzzah for textbook abuse!

And finally, the obligatory quiz:

Which RPG system are you?

by Mr. Vimes
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