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Missing books

Fantastic. I called QU Books to get prices over the phone and they only have one of the books I wanted in stock (and they were down to their last two). :p They hadn't even heard of two of the books I wanted, despite one of them being in their online catalogue.

I thought I'd sent in an online order two weeks ago, but it tried it out again now and they gave me an order number, whereas I never got an order number the first time around, so it didn't work. :P Grar! Stupid bloody crappy online order form!

And textbooks are outrageously expensive, too. At least this place offers a good discount....it'd be nice if they had the books in stock, though. That's why I put my order (or thought I had) earlier....didn't want to miss out. :p Grrrr.

On the plus side, the book they had is the one book that I desperately need, i.e. the data structures & algorithms text. I've heard that it's a valuable reference, too, so that's extra points. Plus the text that I do already have on that subject has a lot of idiosyncracies, plus it's heavily biased towards Java, and it's not particularly well-written. Maybe I should try to get rid of it.

buran suggests I should try to pick them up used, if I can. Stroustrup shouldn't be too hard to find. Dunno about the others. I posted a booklist to my journal a couple of weeks ago. ;>
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