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Saw two movies tonight with Dilph, Wuffy, Snowy, Bingo, Jaffa and Stephen. Daredevil followed by Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade. We were originally planning to see Dog Soldiers as the second film but plans changed at the last minute (Dog Soldiers are showing in a lot of places but Jin Roh was scarce).

Daredevil was pretty entertaining, even if it was hardly high quality. ;> Sort of in the same league as Con Air, or perhaps using a reference from the same genre, X-Men. (Admittedly, X-Men was more fun than this film. Daredevil was relatively darker in tone.) The soundtrack was pretty blah, SFX were alright although inspired in places, uhh... I guess I shouldn't analyse it too much. ;> Suffice to say, it was entertaining. Heh. Elektra (Jennifer Garner) has these wonderful green eyes that I was quite taken by...heh.

As I've probably repeated ad nausem, I'm not an anime fan. I was looking forward to seeing a werewolf film this evening (even if the TFs occur off-screen), so I was mildly disappointed at the decision to see Jin Roh, but it was not an unreasonable decision, and I can happily say it was worth my $6. Except for the cinema screwing up the image tracking. The picture was jumping for maybe half an hour of the film. Grr. But, I guess it did have some vague tones of interest to the furry crowd (and I mean that in a positive way). Much philosophy over men and beasts. Wolves in particular, so those with an inclination towards those beautiful creatures should give thought to seeing this film. I did have some trouble following the film, though. I need to brush off my anime prejudice. It gets in the way sometimes.

I screwed up when organising Bingo and crew and sent them toward the Myer Centre instead of the cinemas at Indro, and there was screwing around as far as figuring out how to hook up with them considering they were going to be late. I volunteered to stay behind in the foyer, considering it was my fault. Lack of communication, really. :P Eventually figured out that we could watch a later session of Daredevil and still catch the following film. No harm done, I suppose, but I'd much rather I hadn't screwed up like that.

Uhh, where's my chocolate gone?? *looks around* Heh...it's sitting on top of the monitor. :P Sigh. Tired.

Had a Red Bull to keep me going. Plans are to watch more anime tonight here at Casa Dilphenstein. There's alcohol and ice cream here as well, but that's all still in the fridge. And it's pouring with rain outside. Wheee..thunderstorm! :D
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