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[17:03] RenegadeRabbit01: what time is it over there
[17:03] Whyrlebird: Just after 5pm
[17:03] RenegadeRabbit01: Wedensday ?
[17:04] Whyrlebird: Thursday actually.
[17:04] RenegadeRabbit01: ah
[17:04] RenegadeRabbit01: so your ahead like 16 hours
[17:04] RenegadeRabbit01: 15 hours
[17:04] Whyrlebird: Something like that. I dunno what time it is where you are. ;>
[17:04] RenegadeRabbit01: 1 04 am Thursday
[17:04] Whyrlebird: 16 hours.
[17:05] RenegadeRabbit01: damn
[17:05] RenegadeRabbit01: So what happens in the future? since you are already there
[17:07] Whyrlebird: Everyone talks funny and the water spins backwards.
[17:07] RenegadeRabbit01: Holy crap! so its like moving to new jersey LOL
[17:07] Whyrlebird: Heheheh.
[17:07] RenegadeRabbit01: I figure you guys think we talk funny
[17:08] Whyrlebird: Oh absolutely. ;>
[17:08] RenegadeRabbit01: IM a texan so I can just imagine
[17:08] Whyrlebird: *snicker* Oh boy. :D
[17:09] RenegadeRabbit01: LOL
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