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Dawg Soldiers & pool

b_dingo was back in town for the weekend so I dragged him and dilph along to see Dog Soldiers. The movie kicked butt. Two paws up! It was definitely more of a black comedy than a horror film, really, and certainly wasn't anything like those awful teen slashers that Hollywood keeps churning out. Sure, I was disappointed that there weren't any transformation scenes to speak of, but I already knew that in advance so I enjoyed the movie for other reasons. :> The first five or ten minutes of the film I was thinking, "Uhoh, what've I gotten myself into?" but it was definitely the dialogue that sold the film to me. It's one of the rare films that has me laughing out loud. :> Most so-called comedies never manage that. :p

We'd planned to see Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre (it's a live action film in French with English subtitles) at 9:15, and it was about 7 when we left Dog Soldiers. We decided on playing pool for an hour. Dilph and Bingo had the first game. I amused myself with all the bad shots those two were making. ;> Dilph did warn me that I was yet to have my turn! Bingo eventually won the first game (despite him sinking the cue ball maybe a half dozen times;), so I played him in the next game. I was leading that game for most of it but he got a few nice setups, overtook me and won. Dilph decided to play against me and sank the first ball, so I was playing "catch-up" that game. I think I got ahead at one point but the 8-ball was sitting in one of the corner pockets, annoying me, I had bad positions and I was generally off my game. Dilph was the better player for that game so I ended up losing twice, despite being theoretically the best player at the table. I seem to play worse when I'm not feeling relaxed. But to be honest I didn't care about losing, really. I was having fun, which was really the point of the exercise. Plus it'd have been dull if the games were one-sided. ;P Rar. I need more practice. :D

Bingo and I had a quick final game and I started well on that, but got down to my last three balls and kept bouncing them around the table. Bingo came close to finishing it off but I did finally manage to win one. *shrug*

We left at about 8:20 for the train station. Stopped off at a 7-Eleven on the way for pies. Took the train to Brunswick Street and walked out of the station. shivwuffy's directions to Dilph were "Go past all the pedestrian crap for a few blocks and turn left". There was a pedestrian crossing in front of us. We crossed it and went left. :P We wandered through and past the mall, then kept going for a few blocks. We couldn't see any movie theatre. Dilph gave Wuffy a call and we wandered back to the train station to meet Wuffy there. Wuffy was running late. :p He finally showed up at about 9:12. We walked back the way we'd been earlier, went left down a dark street, stopped for directions a couple of times, and eventually got to the cinema at half-past. The session was already sold out. :p

Dilph went silent on us. Wuffy asked Bingo and I what we wanted to do. I said we should go back to Casa Dilphenstein and listen to Bingo's new Linkin Park CD (Meteora). Wuffy suggested we go clubbing or catch a different movie, but we weren't interested. We hanged around for a few minutes more then started back to the train station, Dilph walking at pace ahead of us. We weren't sure why Dilph was being antisocial all of a sudden (although I had my suspicions: he had to field a phone call from his mother while we were waiting for Wuffy, he was displeased with Wuffy's highly ambiguous directions (they'd never have gotten us to the theatre even if we'd had an hour to get there), Wuffy showed up late despite him telling everyone else to be there early, and the fact that after all that shit when we finally got to the cinema it was sold out it must've been the final straw for Dilph. Bad Wuffy!), and Bingo, being his bouncy self, ran up and pounced Dilph. Bingo feinted to one side so as not to knock Dilph any more than playfully, but Dilph held out his fist on the same side and managed to punch Bingo on the lip. :/ We asked Bingo if he was okay, since it was bleeding and he did seem to be in some discomfort. Dilph never even apologised for that.

I suppose it's an insight into my own behaviour when I get antisocial sometimes but I'm never careless with my friends like that. In fact I wasn't once upset the whole night, which must be a record for me. ;> I was in a good mood even when things didn't go to plan. :>

Dilph disappeared at the train station right before the train was due and we spent a few minutes looking for him, puzzled and wondering where he'd gone to. He did show up again, walking down the ramp to the platform.

We took the train back to Toowong and not a whole lot happened there. Just a couple of drinks, chatting and listening to music. Dilph of course spent most of the time in his room. The guys were flipping through and laughing at some crappy porn magazines that read like they were written by 15 year olds. :p I logged into Nest and discovered that I'd missed iolarnula/Ciúin's first visit to #Feathers. Rar! ;P Heh, actually I was only mildly disappointed. I figured she'd be back again and I'd enjoyed my night out. I definitely know where I'd rather have been. :>

The following morning she dropped in again for a short while. Bingo and I had a LOT of fun going nuts on #Feathers and Tapestries! :D (Poor eldarath.;)
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