Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Belinda Kelly's farewell dinner

Tonight we bid farewell to Belinda, one of the local roleplayers and DM of the Chaldis campaign I was in for 18 months, as she is moving down to Sydney for bigger and better things. Naturally, we celebrated at Hog's Breath Cafe. Simon, Marko, Scott and Rosa were there (of those that I recognised); oddly enough Bingo and Stephen were absent. Dilph's still down in Melbourne, of course.

Not a great deal happened, really. I ordered the prime rib, as always, (natural this time) and had salad with it for the second time. I'm actually starting to like salad - what a scary concept!! Mississippi mud cake for dessert - YUM! I also had a "Dark & Stormy" (rum and ginger beer)... hrrr. Those are pricey at $6 each. Reminded me that I ought to find an income soon.

It was interesting listening to Simon discuss Zoroastrainism - allegedly the first monotheistic religion (although not according to this article. Snow Crash did pique my interest in the origins of modern religions a little.

That reminds me. Since Belinda's moving out, Simon gets the flat all to himself. Lucky so-and-so. ;) Auchenflower's a pretty good suburb really. Close to the city and relatively close to UQ. I wonder if he'd be interested in renting out the spare room to me when I finally move out of home. Hehehe. If I had to choose amongst my friends to flat with then either Simon or Dilph would be my pick, but then I don't like Dilph's flatmates much, or the place he's staying in. I guess I'll see what happens.
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