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Messing with my brother's mind

My brother is waiting for me to download the latest episode of Enterprise so that he can watch it with me. A few moments ago I was listening to a track from the Two Towers soundtrack. He knocked on my door, opened it up and asked how long it'll be before it's downloaded.

Me: "Five hours."
Bro: "Five hours??? Aww, gee."

He left the room, then a moment later came back, looking at me suspiciously.

Bro: "That sounds like Enterprise music."
Me: "No. *grin* Actually, it's from Two Towers."
Bro: "Oh."

*snicker* He left again. So then I started playing "Faith of the Heart" (Enterprise theme) in Winamp.

About a minute later he came back.

Bro: "Are you just pissing around now?"
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