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Hatchday report

Well, my hatchday this year was a fairly low-key affair. First off, I have to report on l00t.

No l00t this year. :P

Well, not yet anyway. I have a sneaking suspicion I might be getting something from Bingo and Takena. Plus I'm bound to end up buying my own l00t from the cash haul. Picked up a $10 Borders voucher, $100 in vouchers for David Jones, and $200 in cash (most, if not all, of the cash will go straight into my empty bank account).

So I guess it was a little disappointing in that regard. Instead of cool stuff I get to try and figure out what I want. :P

Oh, and I got woken up at 9am by Dad asking me to download the Red Hat 9.0 ISOs and burn them to disc, so I spent my morning doing that. Heh. The linux guru/contractor from Sydney (who is being paid bucketloads by the hour to do some installation) came over here and while I did manage to get dressed and tidy up most of my room pretty quick before I arrived, my bed still wasn't made and there was still junk on my desk so I didn't look all that tidy. Heh. And I still had one of my plush toys out. :P Blargh.

Plus I've had a wheezing cough. I've been on Bricanyl (asthma medication) which fixes it but the meds make my heart race and make me feel nervous and jittery. Not fun. :/

Heh. And I just found out I have a cold sore on my nose too. :P

But on a positive note, at midnight last night I received a "happy hatchday" phone call from atpaw, which I really appreciated. :> Thanks, buddy! And lanakila left a nice greeting to me as well, which I also liked. :> And too many people to count (well, about 20 or so) have said happy hatchday/birthday to me too, so all of that is appreciated too of course! :>

Dinner with the family was pretty nice. We drove out to a hotel in Cleveland called the Grandview Hotel. They had a really nice setting and stuff. The full moon was pretty, and I got a perfect view of the Southern Cross (Crux). :D I wasn't feeling too hungry though, and the pumpkin soup just about filled me. I settled on a fairly ... dull? ... meal, Bangers and Mash. I suppose it's good that I had a cheap meal since I only finished half of it. :P I wasn't interested in steak, or fish, or chicken, so that ruled out a lot.

Grr. I wish my brother would fuck off. He annoys me with his questions about Matrix Reloaded. He has the most inane theories about it. :p He's talking about Neo actually being a computer program put into a human body, or some crazy shit like that. I dunno. Sounds too crazy a theory for mind.

I was saving the bottle of wine Rannoch gave me for tonight, but since I'm ill I'll have to wait a little longer. Maybe I'll open it on atpaw's birthday... :>

All in all, today certainly wasn't a bad day. Oh, I also had munchies and stuff this afternoon too, and the cake was really delish. :D I guess being sick doesn't help things, and it's good that I had a resful day. Maybe I could've been watching videos or something though instead of sitting in front of my computer for most of the day, once again. ;>

I also watched Computer Boy again today, which got a laugh out of me. I'm slightly disappointed maybe in that it wasn't as happy a hatchday as I'd have liked. Oh, and it took me until about 7pm before I realised that I'm 23 now. Ovo Reeeeaally out of it today. :/ But certainly not in a bad mood by any means. :>

Oh. I've had Rob D's "Furious Angels" stuck in my head all day. I blame both Matrix Reloaded and Atpaw for this! :>
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