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Nothing better to do..

Gah! It's hit 35C here and I'm all sweaty and stuff. Yuck. At least there's a bit of a breeze in my room.

There's nobody around to talk to so I figured I'd just ramble here some instead. Warp mentioned something about a get-together tonight Buran wanted to organise. I'm guessing it'll be on Furry. A gargoyle called Tighler random-tported into the NAC and coincidentally mentioned that he'd found several restaurants that way. His recommendation was The Renardieu Rouge (tport trr). I'll have to check it out.

WOW!! I'm already impressed. It looks to be very well organised, but also empty. Lea's name is mentioned - I wonder if that's the Lea from TLK. Oh well, back to the NAC to idle.

>>Why did you leave the Renardeau Rouge so soon?<<

Heh...now that's scary. I wonder if I'm supposed to answer that.

Whee. Looks like I'll be going to the Carindale Hotel for New Year's. It's not as if I have other plans at this stage. Belinda mentioned something vague -- probably a repeat of the last couple of years. I have to admit, they were enjoyable evenings. Ahh well.

Quiet day planned for tomorrow as well. The plan is to move the double bed out of my parents' room and stick all the furniture up there so that we can enjoy the aircon. If it's going to be this hot tomorrow then we'll need it. Yeesh.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping this year. I'm so lazy. :P

Blah. My CD ROM is screwing me around again. Pity I can't get it fixed/replaced. I guess my CD player will have to suffice. ;>

It's crept up half a degree since I've been sitting here typing. Huzzah.
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