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Quiz craziness

1] Your name: Whyrl the Awesome, although some people call me Nick, perhaps after St Nick. He's one awesome dude.
2] Are you single: Unfortunately yes, but the chicks know where to flock when I blow this nest.
3] Are you using your own computer: YES! *winghugs Phoenix*
4] Who did you last IM: Seacigar, although the last one to IM me was Neutronium Dragon.
5] Do you download things: Well duh! I couldn't possibly post this quiz without downloading data.
6] If so, what: Ever heard of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol? Oh, maybe you mean like files and crap. Well, I do like music, furry, feathery and tf art, and Channel 9 is suckfully 6 months behind on Enterprise so I correct that, in a sense. And cool stuff like Computer Boy. That's just awesome, man.
7] What are you listening to right now: I had Kryptonite looping in my head a few minutes ago but now I can't seem to get the voice of Strong Bad out of my head.
8] What are you doing right now: Filling out this quiz. What does it look like? Suborbital skydiving?
9] What do you think of rap: Rap is sooo crap, man. But those Linkin Park guys, they sneak rap into their songs and it sounds wicked. That could be because they can actually play music.
10] What do you think of pop: Most pop is crap too. I do have a soft spot for Elton John, ELO, some of the Eagles songs...notice how they're all guys? Chick pop bands suck.
11] What do you think of metal: Metal doesn't make a very good perch and it's not very good to gnaw on either. Oh, the music. Right. I've never been into pop metal (Def Leppard, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Van Halen etc), some of the alternative metal is good, but most of my exposure to that is Linkin Park (again) and such. Some of it really sucks, like Limp Bizkit and RATM. Those bands blow.
12] What do you think of yourself: An industrious perfectionist when I'm not being an apathetic gutless loser.
13] Who is your favorite person: I don't know. I probably don't have a favourite.
14] What is your favorite passtime: Favourite? Maybe a sport like cricket or ten pin bowling, or going to see a movie. That's usually fun. I can watch a raptor soar for hours though. It's a tough call. Some computer games are really engrossing though, like strategy and stuff.
15] Do you attend school: I prefer to call it "tertiary education", but you could say I do.
16] Do you like school: Let's just say I'll be very very happy at the end of June.
17] Who is your favorite teacher: Two teachers that stand out in my mind are my English teacher at high school, Mr Fedley, and my truly unforgettable science/maths teacher at Intermediate, Mr Somethingorother. What a guy.
18] What is your favorite subject: We call those "courses" now. My favourite course this semester is probably Introduction to Systems Engineering, although the assignments for Computer Graphics have been fun. Purty fishies.
19] What are you listening to now: My keyboard typing and Phoenix's cute widdle CPU fan. The gentle lull of it spinning and spinning, cooling and cooling, whirring and whirring and whirring incessantly damnIwishIhadahammer...
20] What is your sexual prefrence: If by prefrence you mean preference, then bring me the sexy chickybabes! Wooooo feathers. Uhm, I mean, er, I prefer the lovely ladies of course.
21] What is your favorite food: PIZZA!
22] What is your favorite shirt: Mystic Airborne. Gryphons are SO awesome, man, and we know it!
23] What is your favorite pair of jeans: My favourite pair is so awesome that I haven't replaced it in six years! Or maybe I'm just not that keen on jeans.
24] What size are you in pants: What kind of freaking measurement is "pants"?? I've heard of some crazy measurements in my time, like grains, perches, pints, and what the hell is a gigawatt? You Americans are crazy fools.
25] Do you think you are heavy: Woah, this is heavy.
26] Do you think you are skinny: Some people say I'm skinny. I don't see it.
27] What is your favorite color: What is YOUR "favorite color", you English-bastardising American?! Mine is the crimson red of your blood as I impale you for your crimes against literature.
28] Do you like jewelry: Well, I like-- WHAT? No! Of course I don't like jewelry! And you spelled it wrong too! It's "jewellery"! Get a freaking dictionary you freak!
29] Most amount of bracelets worn at once: I refuse to answer these questions!
30] Most amount of rings worn at once: Nope. Not going to answer.
32] Most amount of necklaces worn at once: Still not answering.
33] How tall are you: 178cm (5'10"), and you can bloody well convert it into American measurements yourself, you freakin....hey wait, how'd it do that??? ovO
34] How much do you weigh: 68.5kg or so, and there's no way I'm going to convert that. Ha!
35] What color are your eyes: Whyrl's eyes are a mustard sorta colour. Nick's are a tealy kinda bluish thing.
36] Do you wear glasses: I'm no freaking four-eyes, freak! I laugh at you while I stare you down with my superior raptor vision.
37] Do you know people that think you are smart: Some people seem to think that I'm very smart.
38] Are you smart: I'm insulted that you even had to ask. ;>
39] Do you like people: I prefer to go on a case-by-case basis.
40] This is the last question, are you happy: I'm happy that this English-bastardised American quiz is over. And what's with those questions about jewellery? Do I look like a teen girl squad girl to you? I turn my beak up at your demographics! Demographics? Hmm. Perhaps this is a secret ploy by some marketing group. Well I hope I busted your curve, capitalist pig!

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